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Products - Equine

  • Learn To Train Thoroughbred Racehorses
    Become a racehorse trainer. On site low cost hands-on mentoring program in Lexington Kentucky, the Horse Capital of the World. Over 30 years experience.
  • Own a Fairy Tale Horse!
    Covers mane and tail growth.
  • No More Biting Horses!
    Stop messing around with a horse that bites. It's a game you can't win! It is possible to cure biting and nippy horses humanely, without getting hurt or upset. Learn the secrets.
  • Learn the SECRETS To Gorgeous Horses!
    Good looking horses attract attention. Buyers may pay more for good looking horses. These methods were featured in "PRO HORSEMAN" Magazine, USA Today, CNN Sports and More!

Horse Training Secrets

Betting on Thoroughbreds